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A bad kisser can ruin a good date

You are on a date and it is amazing. You are just as handsome as she is. The food at the restaurant is exotic and a great choice. The woman looks happy.

You lean in for a kiss after talking for hours and finding that your tastes match her 100%. Your tongue-first approach clobbers her teeth and the slobber from your tongue pours into her mouth. She walks away in a huff because she is repelled, disgusted, and annoyed by your incompetence.

Sound familiar to me? It's alright. A good date can be ruined by a bad kisser. Sex is just as good as pizza even when it is bad. This rule does not apply when it comes to kissing.

There is a one-strike rule when it comes to kissing. Chances are you won't hear from her again if you are a bad kisser. A man's ability to kiss determines if he gets to the next step of love or not.

The first kiss can be a deal-breaker

Your kissing skills are important to the health of your relationship. Kissing is the cornerstone of most successful relationships, but you might not think so.

A 2012 survey by the State University of New York at Albany found that most people would end a relationship if they found a bad kisser.

Susan M. was as Susan M. Hughes says that he is a relationship expert.

The first kiss is a deal-breaker when it comes to figuring out how the relationship will play out. A kiss can tell a woman how good a guy will be.

A drug that makes you high is a great kiss. The body's most prominent erogenous zone is the lips and they have 12 cranial nerves that shoot waves of the feel happy hormone, oxytocin. One of the best ways to strengthen a relationship is with an awesome kiss.

Kissing is one of the most romantic things you can do for a girl, and it is certainly one of the most romantic things you can do for a boy.

There are 5 ways to be a good kisser

Ask not to steal kisses

If you plan to get that kiss quickly, stealthily, or forcefully, you will be labeled a creeps. That's right. If you don't ask for permission to kiss people, you are a creeps. An unwanted kiss is bad.

If you want to kiss, ask her. You have raised your respect quotient a million times if she says no. If she makes the first move, it will be sexy, and you might get lucky.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time, it is mandatory. The boundaries are to be respected.

You can use your hands as well

The lips get all the attention, but good kissing is about using your hands equally.

You can stroke her hair, put your hands on her face, or lower her back. Just go for it, whatever zones evoke the right responses.

The only way to find out if you are kissing her too intense or not is to touch her other parts. She will ask you to continue if she is happy with it. Do so immediately if she tells you to stop.

A good kiss is a combination of spontaneity, gentling lips, and gentle hands. The euphoria that comes from this mixture is mind-blowing.

hickies are not cool, and they are juvenile. Without branding her, you can kiss and suck on her neck. She's not a cow.

There is more to kissing than just the skin on the lips

An awesome kissing session starts with the lips and goes to the neck, ears, collarbone, cheeks, chin, and maybe the hips. She has other erogenous zones in her body, so go beyond the lips. There are some zones that can be.

There are certain areas that a woman will never allow. ) Girls don't like having their mouths in sensitive areas. If she says no, you have to respect her decision and move on.

Slow down and take it easy

Your date is going great. She smiles while you talk, she laughs at your jokes, and she knows your sense of humor. She is impressed by you, you can tell. She doesn't kiss you Why did you do that?

Take it slow and relax. No one is playing to win in this race. Sometimes passion can pick up the pace, but it's not necessary to be over eager. The girl won because of slow and steady. Some girls wouldn't want to jump into the hot water immediately. One toe at a time is perfectly acceptable for some people.

If she doesn't kiss you, sit back and let her drive. Making the kiss awkward is the worst thing you can do.

Do not flick your tongue into her mouth if you get a kiss. She won't allow a second chance if your tongue darts around in her mouth. She should focus on her lips instead of excessive tongue action.

If you want a woman to salivate all over her face, you should reduce tongue action.

Kissing is not the beginning of sex

Sex and intimacy can't be complete without kissing.

Kissing can be done without sex. It is not a guarantee that a kiss will lead to sex. She doesn't mean she wants to sleep with you just because you make out. If you think of kissing as an intermediate step, you will make a mistake of a lifetime.

There isn't a way to kiss a girl. Your one-stop bag of tricks might not work on every girl, and it depends on what she likes. Be open to what she wants and take the time to understand. Don't be afraid to tell her what you want in return. Kissing is a two way street and needs to work well for you.

A man's kiss is his signature, as has been said by Mae West.

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