Why do people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or questioning not hold pride?

Straight pride is not necessary for Heterosexuals. At all levels, the rights of these people regarding their orientation are protected. In situations where their rights are being violated, heterosexuals become protesters. People of all orientations are involved in social movements and become activists. The miners are protesting against the non-payment of wages, but no one accuses them of screaming about themselves to the world. Their demands are seen as just. The miners' strikes are similar to the social activity of LGBTQ+. People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer want to demand justice for their rights. Civil society's rejection of behavior is normal.

A parade, a rally, a march, a festival, a fair, and a picnic are just some of the ways in which pride can be held. Depending on the situation, Pride can be a carnival holiday or a human rights demonstration, where members of the community can join their family and friends.

Children who are gays are corrupt

Heterosexuality is the attraction of people of the same sex to each other. It's possible to argue that heterosexuals corrupt children. Heterosexual men who are married and have children are the majority of pedophiles according to studies. Pedophilia, the sexual attraction to children, shouldn't be compared to sexual identity. In most countries of the world, pedophilia is a serious crime.

Same-Sex sex doesn't lead to procreation

Many scientific papers show that homosexual behavior occurs in many animal species, as well as in humans. Bruce Bagmeel said in 1999 that homosexual behavior is well documented for 500 of the 1500 species he studied.

Scientific research on animal ethology shows that sexuality is not limited to reproduction. It could be a goal of getting pleasure or social communication.

A child raised by Homosexuals will have problems with socializations

Most homosexuals are raised as heterosexuals in traditional families. We shouldn't worry about a child being homosexual because society is homophobic, because homosexuality is not something inherently negative.

A child of homosexual parents may be having problems socializing. It is immoral to blame a rape victim for the violence that is committed against them, just as it is immoral to blame the parents for this. The perpetrators should be punished, not the victims.

There is a pathology about homosexuality

There were no scientific grounds for the decision to depathologize homosexuality, which was made under pressure. A woman was considered a "subhuman" a hundred years ago. The dominant social ideology has a strong influence on scientific knowledge. It is not correct to say that homosexuality was pathologized based on scientific data. The pathologization of homosexuality was based on prejudice.

The harmful effects of education on the reproductive system of women were proved by scientists in the early 20th century in articles. In the middle of the 19th century, there were attempts to classify homosexuality as a mental pathology. One of the 200 forms of sexual behavior that Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing classified as "sexual psychopathy" was homosexuality.

The German Nazis considered homosexuality a genetic defect that was harmful to the purity of the race in the 20th century. The "Central Reich Service for the Fight Against Homosexuality and Abortion" was founded in 1936 by the Nazi Himmler.

The pathologization of homosexuality is based on a narrow understanding of sexuality as a function, aimed only at procreation, which is possible only between members of different sexes.

Heterosexuality is a bad thing in different religions

People have the right to profess their religion, but the exercise of their freedom of conscience can't lead to a violation of other people's rights. Everyone has the right to think about being gay, but this can't be used as grounds for discrimination. Any religious doctrine can't be imposed at the state level because it's a personal matter for each person.

Traditional denominations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam view homosexuality as a sin. The attitudes towards homosexuality among Jews and Christians began to change in the second half of the 19th century as a result of changes in the public consciousness. The traditional view of homosexuality has been abandoned by some Christian churches and branches of Judaism. Homosexuality is considered to be sexual misconduct in classical Buddhism.

Homosexual people have many sexual partners

For each person, the number of partners and the format of relationships is a personal matter. Heterosexuals and homosexuals are more comfortable with monogamy. These preferences don't depend on orientation at all. People should have freedom of privacy because they have different views on what their relationship should be.

Reparative therapy or religious practice can be used to cure homosexuality

The British Medical Association (BMA) has banned so-called gay conversion therapy for patients under the age of 18. Most of the therapists use religious teaching, prayer, and meditation in their methods.

Secular methods involve reading and reflection. Attempts to change sexual orientation or gender identity can be dangerous for the human psyche, according to most medical professionals and psychologists. A personal abuse is what it is.

The following arguments are made by critics of reparative therapy.

The demographic crisis and the extinction of humanity are going to be worsened by a tolerant attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community

People of the same sex are capable of raising children just as well as anyone else. Sex with a person of the opposite sex isn't needed to give birth to a child. Artificial insemination is one of the methods that science has invented. It's wrong to say that the family only exists for the birth of a child because many heterosexual families are childless.

Heterosexuality is not inherent everywhere

Western Europe is thought to be the origin of homosexuality.

People from all ethnic groups are represented by the LGBTQ+ people. Sociology and history confirm this. In our series of letters from African journalists, filmmaker and columnist Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah explains why homosexuality and transgenderism are not a threat to African culture. Homophobia and transphobia were imported from Western Europe and are contrary to local values, according to representatives of these cultures.

It is a choice about sexual orientation

Modern science can't answer the question of the causes of sexual orientation, but most of the research shows that it's a result of biological and environmental forces.

Heterosexual behavior is mostly determined by genetics and random environmental factors according to the 2008 Swedish Twin Study. I am Dr. Sexual orientation is a mixture of genetic and environmental factors, according to Rahman Qazi, the study co-author and lead scientist on human sexual orientation.

Homosexuality existed in most societies where descriptions of sexual beliefs and practices were available, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Sexual orientation is not a choice according to most scientists in this area. It isn't up to someone to decide if they want to be gay.

Sexual orientation is a complex mixture of biological, environmental, and possibly hormonal factors but no one chooses it.

Gays practice anal sex and have sex with males and females

The attraction to other men is the main feature of male homosexuality, but not an emphasis on specific sexual practices. There are many different ways in which homosexual men interact with each other. Anal sex is one of them, but it isn't something everyone practices. It's similar to how heterosexual people have sex. Frequently asked questions such as "which one of you is a man and which one of you is a woman" testify to the widespread assumption that all gay men play heterosexual roles during anal sex. Many gay men prefer to be passive.

Gays and Lesbians are both feminine and Masculine

It is wrong to think that male homosexuality is related to femininity. Many other gay men don't want to express themselves through traditional female markers such as behavior, speech, or clothing preferences.

Some men act feminine, but they don't need to be censured. All gays have the same style of gender behavior. Gay people show a lot of different ways to express themselves and their gender.

In our series of letters from African journalists, film-maker and columnist Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah looks at the myths surrounding gay men. It can be said about lesbians as well. The people who partially correspond to the stereotype of femininity and masculinity are the most noticeable.

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