Mental health and love are topics that Midge writes about. She talks philosophy with her pup when she is not thinking too much.

You have to let go of things. The stress should be released. You weren't in control.

Attachment and letting go of it are both choices. Love, happiness and acceptance are what we want as humans. To fill it from their cup, we look for it in others. It doesn't work like that.

Anything that happens outside of our expectations appears to be the end of the world, because our desire to control our outcomes shows up in the form of our attachment to people. We need to let go of the grip we have in order to have freedom. It helps us live in our authentic selves, and it changes our lives.

You realized that you were acting out of fear and not love

The cause is not our love for them, but fear, when we are attached to someone.

When we are working toward a promotion or succeeding at a job interview, the attachment to the result means that we are worried about what will happen if we don't get the job.

When we are tied to outcomes, energy goes to doing the job but not to worry about the outcome, which is different to setting goals. Our best version is not available.

Fear-based decisions stem from our attachment to who we are when our partner is with us, the same rule applies for relationships.

Losing them means the end of the world because their presence in our lives is all that matters.

We can have fulfilling careers when we learn to let go, fill in our cup, and show up as our true selves.

You can find out how much energy you have

It's now possible to check our call logs, check out the text replies, and look forInstagram notifications.

There is plenty of time and energy to devote to the things that took a back seat because the favourite person didn't reply.

There are a lot of things you can do with the energy you have.

People are put in their right place

You stop trying to get people to like you. You don't put them on a piece of furniture. Depending on how they treat you, your day is not going to be good or bad.

You don't want to lose the medal they gave you, so you stop explaining too much. You are comfortable in your place and see people you respect.

You don't do anything to please them because you are afraid of losing their love, and you don't try too hard to keep them in your life.

You are not attached to your love. You reach out to the rest of the world with no strings attached.

You clearly set the boundaries

Without guilt, you say no.

You have the energy to pursue your goals because you know what adds value to your life. People are drawn to you because of this. Not everyone needs your time. Making time for other people and letting go of attachment helps you prioritize your life goals.

You act out of guilt or stop fitting in with people's expectations.

You are more aware of your self- care practices

The key to connecting with your inner self is your self love practice.

You begin to think about ways to nourish your mind, body and spirit with actions. It is possible to nourish our bodies through exercise, healthy eating, and taking time to do things that make us happy. We realize that the lack of time for ourselves leads us to seek it from others through attachment once we let go of attachment.

Self-love is a way for us to appreciate and love ourselves.

You don't feel as stressed out

We get into stress because we don't like what we see and want something different.

We have been taught to work hard. Love and a happy life are not covered by this rule. We can't work for happiness because it's not a goal that we have to achieve. When we are ready for them, real relationships are formed. Even if the relationship isn't working, we are still perfectly happy. We can realise the power of abundance if we let go of attachment.

It isn't the end of the world if you don't get someone else's love. There are a lot of wonderful people.

Everything we desire is the same rule as before. We are in a state of high energy when we let go of attachment. People notice and respond to us without being noticed by us. Things start to occur.

Your blocked creative energy has been released

We all have creative energy in us. Attachment toOutcomes is a major killer of creativity.

Our genius is scared when we worry if the article will make enough money or if it will be a hit on the internet.

For the sheer joy of sharing your thoughts to the world, magic happens when we show up to write for the sake of writing.

Eventually money, views, fame and subscribers will happen. Giving a unique gift to the world is the beginning of it all. It may take a day or two. It's showing up daily that keeps us going.

We place attachment blocks in the way of releasing creative energy because we remove them.

Final thoughts from the past

When we let go of things, we feel lighter. We are not in control of what happens when we accept the outcome of what we want, such as a promotion or a nice house. When we let go of our attachment to someone, we feel free. We realized that we can't make anyone see themselves in a certain way. We can't have anything in life if we are obsessed with proving our worth. When we let go of them, we will be free.

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